Introduction to ED512

25 01 2007

It is not my intention to bore folk with all the “nutts and bolts” of each unit of work and the desired outcomes of the units.  Just a brief overview of what the current unit of work is going to be discussing.

This unit is entitled “Thinking Christianly about Education.”  This unit aims to draw upon philosophy and theology to provide conceptual tools for thinking about education.  The ultimate goal here is to eventually articulate my own vision for Christian Education.  There are 8 modules all up in this unit.  I will be posting reflections and thoughts as I work my way through the coursework material.  There is a link to the right which will take you to my current study library.  These are just a few of the books and authors who I may be referring to during the course of work.  Let the experiment begin!!!!

What is this about….

24 01 2007

The purpose behind this blog is to see how blogging and other social networking concepts can enhance and enrich the learning process. At present I am working through my master of education degree where I have chosen to focus on Christian Education and Leadership. It has been a tough road balancing full time work and study, so I needed something to motivate myself.  Furthermore, there seemed to be no use in doing postgraduate study if I was not going to benefit personally and professionally.

So the concept is easy…. I am basically going to post my study as a blog. Each unit of work I do has a series of learning modules that lead through the desired learning for the unit. Quite often it is tempting to skip the detail in the modules and just jump straight into the assessment pieces. It is not my intention to post my assignments and final assessment for the unit, rather to post the work I am doing in the modules. This will more than likely  include personal reflections on the reading I have been doing, hopefully raising issues of Educational Leadership from a Christian perspective.

It is my hope, that as I begin to share my learning journey (which is quite a scary thought) other educators and interested parties will begin to comment and add to the discussion. I have learnt so much from the contributions of others by running my Educational Technology blog. It is my hope that this proves to do the same. I understand this is a much more narrow audience of interest that I am appealing to, however, I am sure once a few folk begin to engage in the conversation and even challenge my thought we will not only learn together but demonstrate an effective and engaging method of learning in the 21st Century.  Commenting is not limited in anyway.  Anyone who is interested in the conversation at hand is welcome to contribute to the discussion.  As the study progresses there will be a number of varying topics and issues to discuss.